Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I’m upset that I couldn’t get a picture of this, but there’s an apartment complex on the edge of the city I live in that’s supposed to be called Capri Apartments.  The logo is made of metal and the letters are in a cursive script, so they’re all perfectly joined up with each other.

Today I rode past the place with my mom and saw, very clearly and with the letters still joined together perfectly, the same sign reading “Crapi Apartments.”  I couldn’t stop laughing, but we drove past too fast for my mom to see it.  I wish I’d gotten a picture, dangit!

I figured out how to drift with a kaiju

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Tried Sai again. Mako and Hermann building a robot together c: 

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I’m trying to prove a point to my mum and teachers

Literally had one three days ago


Dude yes.


are you away from the phone, a slow texter, or trying to text me war and peace: a musical in three acts




The legend of luther strode 1-6

by Kate Leth

Today is Caroline Appreciation Day, but life has me in such a position that I have almost nothing to show for it.  I mean, sure…

…my Caroline cosplay had a pretty great year since the last Appreciation Day.  I even made a new friend.

I might need some more poses for her, though.  This one’s starting to get stale.

Of course, she got a second job in the last year, too.

Yep, can’t really have much more science in one place than this.  Unless somebody gives that kaiju an ASHPD.

Okay, so maybe I have something.  Hooray, Caroline!





IF YOU DON’T GET THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PANSEXUALS AND BISEXUALS THEN you’re pretty normal i mean lots of people use the definitions and words interchangeably so your confusion is valid and not at all bigoted as some might say

dude sometimes even we get confused like i thought i was bisexual for 7 years before i actually realised i’m pansexual

same bro

I like this post.

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I want to show my fucker of a stepdad that I’m not a freak.

When you meet someone equally as weird as you






I feel like this is essentially how all of my friendships start.

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